Fill A Pack

How does the Program work?Why We Do This
Greater Spirit Ministries collects donated new backpacks and school supplies for children in the most need in the community. Backpacks filled with grade-appropriate school supplies are distributed to children through our partnering churches, human services organizations, at-risk youth centers, homeless shelters and foster care organizations.
We collect new backpacks, school supplies and monetary donations through drives hosted by individuals, organizations and businesses as well as through the Fill A Pack Community Challenges.

The Fill A Pack program ensures underprivileged children get to start the first day of school feeling confident and prepared to succeed academically.
Children living in poverty face many challenges and tremendous stigmatization. Showing up on the first day of school without the proper tools can make a child look and feel different from their classmates which can be both embarrassing and stressful.

By providing children in need with brand new backpacks filled with grade-appropriate school supplies, A Precious Child ensures that children in need can show up to school ready to start the new school year on the same level as their peers and excited to learn.