Nothing is Impossible with God

Little information is given about Mary in the Bible. However, what is said is striking and sets before us a tremendous example of submissiveness to God’s will. Submissiveness to God is an absolute essential for every believer.

The angel Gabriel was send from God.  This was Gabriel’s second mission surrounding the birth of Jesus. Note the time is given. It was six month after Elizabeth’s conception that Gabriel was sent to an obscure village, Nazareth of Galilee. Galilee bordered Gentile or heathen nations; therefore, it was sometimes called Galilee of the Gentiles. Nazareth was a despised city, considered inferior by the rest of Israel.  The people were conquered people especially despised by the Romans. The city and its citizens were the object of deep prejudice by Jews and Romans alike.  But nothing is Impossible with God.

Luke 1:-26-38